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For one IP-camera

Free of charge

Put any of your IP-camera in the right place, connect it via Wi-fi (via router) to any device on your Android smartphone or tablet, install free SOFTWARE and get a video Intercom with video Analytics on one camera

Apt for smartphone or tablet

Free of charge

Install it to any Andoid device such as a smartphone or tablet free SOFTWARE that uses the device's cameras for the purposes for which it is intended

NVR for 4 IP-cameras with video Analytics

Free of charge

Use your IP-cameras (up to 4), buy a device for recording and video analysis and connect (optional) to your TV to track what is happening online, as well as recent events.

Full video archives from 4 cameras is recorded locally on a flash drive by video detection. Video events on video Analytics are displayed on the screen. The same events are stored in cloud and available from any device from your phone, your tablet or your computer.

PC-based multichannel surveillance system with analitics

From $200

Buy GOALcity security system for any number of channels and connect it to the cloud for video surveillance. In this case, the possibilities are not limited, it is the most powerful option for both analytical video surveillance and security organization at the facility.
The price of a video cloud for a single camera is weight free.

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